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Hazardous materials?

We do not permit the storage of illegal, flammable, combustible, hazardous or dangerous materials of any description. Nor will we allow the storage of fresh produce or unstable materials.

How can I be sure that no other persons will enter my unit?

You can control who has access to your storage unit because you keep the key of the lock to your storage unit. We recommend that you use a good quality medium or large size lock to ensure that only you can open it. Store and Lock can supply you with a suitable lock.

How can I calculate how much space I need?

You can fill out the “Request a Quote” form on the Home Page and one of our call centre agents will contact you to assist in deciding on the appropriate size unit to fit your needs. Or alternatively go to “Detailed Inventory” and fill in the exact details of the goods that you will need to store and we will contact you with the required unit size and a quote.

How do I book a unit? And how do I cancel my lease?

Our leases work on a month to month basis, in order to secure a unit you simply need to sign the T&Cs and pay the first month’s rental fee. One calendar month’s notice is required in order to process your cancellation.

How many units of each dimension are available?

We offer quarter, half, three quarter, single, and double units as well as warehouse space for bulk storage. Month-end is usually the busiest time, so we would advise that you plan ahead and book your space in advance.

Is there a charge for access to my unit?

Access is free providing that access is required during our business hours. Sunday-Friday 7:00-17:00.

What does controlled access mean?

Access to the facility is only granted to authorised and fully paid-up clients – proof of identity required.

What other security measures are in place for personal security and that of my belongings

The facility is locked at all times and the entrances monitored. All storage areas are covered by electronic sensors and linked to an armed response company with regular patrols of the area.

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