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Different unit sizes to suit your needs
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Store all your small and big carton boxes and house hold goods
Lowest Prices
Our Storage facilities are one of the best value for money
All of our units are secured by locks, CCTV cameras and security guards

We care about your possessions as much as you do

Your material possessions are not mere “stuff” At Lock, Stock & Store we know that each of the items that belong to you hold a precious memory, and an immense sentimental value. We all come with “baggage” but we can’t always take it all along with us on our journeys. Just like any other priceless artefacts, these cherished possessions require a safe, secure and, most importantly, protected rental storage environment in which to keep them sheltered. The storage space needs to be run by a company that really understands the personal significance which these valuable items hold for you (that’s us!).


It’s not just about storing your stuff – it’s about protecting the precious things in your life: your valuable memories, your priceless and cherished tokens of sentimental value, and providing you the peace of mind you need over their care, condition and security.

Storage Solutions

Safe, secure and dependable storage solutions are the only way to go when it comes to finding a home away from home for your precious valuables. With Lock, Stock & Store, you are provided with self-storage rental units that are guarded, alarmed and secured, 24 hours a day


You have questions. We totally understand. You leaving your most precious goods with us! Let us put your mind at rest. We are here to assist in any way that we can. We care about customer service as much as we do your possessions. We have answer to the most common questions

If You Need The Space, We've Got The Place!

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